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From Love, Respect and Class to the Worst Trailer Ever - News Roundup 9th June 2010

Jonathan Lester
AirStrike Drums, EA, Eric Clapton, FIFA 11, Games news, Power Gig, THQ

THQ To Rebuild With Love, Respect and Class

From Love, Respect and Class to the Worst Trailer Ever - News Roundup 9th June 2010

After the success of Darksiders, UFC and Metro 2011, THQ are having to rebuild their stable of developers and titles. According to VP Danny Bilson, their success is due to lightly managing their talent with a hands-off approach to game development; letting the studios do what they do best whilst making sure they're unfettered by marketing and finance.

Bilson has stated that they've got a responsibility to provide quality rather than quantity- and their new policy will focus on delivering a small number of "classy" titles rather than a steady flood of mediocre content.

"Our responsibility is to give [you] guys and ladies - great. There's nothing short of that, the whole world of selling average games in gone. The world of selling anything but spectacular games is gone. So what I think that means is less games, more focus, more care ... it's all just about more love really. It's just treating them with more respect."

Love, respect and quality titles? Yeah, I can dig it. However, we're still in the dark about what they have in store. [Gamesindustry]

Apparently THQ will be announcing a new game tomorrow. We'll be keeping a beady eye on the latest developments.

FIFA 11 To Get Personality, No Online Manager Mode

From Love, Respect and Class to the Worst Trailer Ever - News Roundup 9th June 2010

FIFA 11, this year's iteration of EA's all-conquering footie sim, will be receiving a major dose of "player authenticity" and personality according to the latest press release. Each player's on-pitch personality will be reflected by the way the handle and react within the game, with 36 attributes and 57 traits making each player feel distinctive and authentic. With any luck, controlling Wayne Rooney will feel like playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2...

In other news, FIFA 11 will not have an online Manager Mode this time around. Whilst series producer David Rutter was keen to stress that the singleplayer mode is the most popular feature from the FIFA franchise, apparently its online functionality is not up to scratch this year.

“Until I’m utterly convinced there’s a way of providing the massive user-base of Manager Mode players with a compelling mechanic that will work, I would be very reluctant to go to market with something I’m not 100 per cent convinced with."- Rutter

Future FIFA titles may bring back this game mode, but we'll probably have to wait for 2012. [VG247]

Power Gig Signs Clapton... and Crap Drums

From Love, Respect and Class to the Worst Trailer Ever - News Roundup 9th June 2010

We started getting excited about Power Gig's playable six-string guitar peripheral back in March, but the last 12 hours has revealed some sublime and ridiculous news about the fate of the franchise. First, the good news. Power Gig has signed guitar legend Eric Clapton and the Dave Matthews Band to populate their setlist. This is a real coup- and we can only hope that Layla, Bad Love and the DMB All Along the Watchtower cover will make the cut.

And now for the bad news. Seven45 has finally revealed their second peripheral: the AirStrike Drum Base. Cool name aside, it's a wireless sensor that sits on the floor and makes you strike arbitrary patches of air above it. Whilst we're all prone to a bit of air drumming from time to time, this new drumless drum kit seems to be a massive step in the wrong direction. But don't take my word for it. [Eurogamer]

For your consideration: The worst trailer ever made.

Time for a little reality check. Forgetting for a second that the lack of physical feedback will lead to aching wrists and hunched spines, the AirStrike actually flies in the face of Power Gig's raison d'etre. Its entire unique selling point appeared to be that the peripherals are real, playable instruments that could teach us elementary musical technique...and I can't quite get my head around how this drumless kit fits into that philosophy. We'd be interested to hear what y'all make of it!

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