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Next Car Game's outrageous destruction is now available to all on Steam Early Access

Jonathan Lester
Bugbear Entertainment, Early Access, Next Car Game, PC, PC games, Racing Games

Bugbear Entertainment have loosed Next Car Game's prototype build onto Steam Early Access, which was only previously only available to eager pre-order customers and us press types. The creators of FlatOut (the good ones) and Ridge Racer Unbounded are working on a completely insane new racer that boasts ludicrously entertaining damage modelling.

Mind you, £18.99 isn't going to buy you a huge amount of game at present, Early Access being what it is. As an early tech demo that's going to evolve over the coming months, you'll only be able to access two cars, three tracks and a small selection of game modes - though it is a nifty look at the insane physics engine powering the gleeful, ridiculous destruction. You can get a taste of it in our gameplay preview above.

So, perhaps, it might be worth keeping an eye on our coverage before taking the plunge - we have more videos and write-ups planned as the project progresses.

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Kev666  Jan. 15, 2014 at 19:16

Loved Destruction Derby on the Playstation.


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