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Next Week's Releases: Footy, murder and dungeons

Brendan Griffiths
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Next Week's Releases: Footy, murder and dungeons

Destiny has been a huge seller, but FIFA is bound to smash it off the top spot next weekend and is a good shout for Xmas #1. Other brave (foolish?) games are releasing the same week too, including the eagerly awaited Gauntlet remake and the intriguing murder mystery title, the Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Check out the full lineup for the week below, along with links to our past coverage and the best online pre-order prices.

September 23rd

Next Week's Releases: Footy, murder and dungeons

Gauntlet (PC)

As a console gamer, I’m really jealous that this is only coming to PC for the foreseeable future. I blame this newfound addiction to Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. Gauntlet is a true original brand though and we can’t wait to see its modern update. It has four player co-op of course.

Pre-Order: Steam £14.99

September 26th

Next Week's Releases: Footy, murder and dungeons


Last year’s FIFA was a great next-gen debut. Will this year’s justify another purchase though? EA’s been chucking around the ‘emotion’ buzzword this year, which implies they’ve got nothing much else going on, or have they (check out Matt’s hands-on below though)? We hear the keepers are a bit more reliable at least. There’s a demo on the platform stores now, so why not check it out. We reckon PES is going be a bit of a sly dark horse this year, so maybe wait for a demo there too.

> FIFA 15 Demo Impressions | Let's Talk About Our Feelings

Cheapest PS4/XO Pre-Order: Game Collection £42.95

Next Week's Releases: Footy, murder and dungeons

Fantasy Life (3DS)

“Fantasy Life will eat your real one if you're not careful. Imagine the job system of Dragon Quest mixed with Skyrim's 'learn by doing' skill advancement and Animal Crossing's obsession with collecting stuff. The three most addictive, if not necessarily the best, bits of each genre thrown together into a single adorable JRPG.” – Has Jon, just found your next essential life-stealing 3DS title? Check out his review for the full verdict.

> Review

Cheapest Pre Order: Game Collection £27.75

Next Week's Releases: Footy, murder and dungeons

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PC)

Don’t let the cheap price fool you; the production values in this murder mystery title are stellar, as displayed by this video. The supernatural angle to puzzle solving that has you piecing together the timeline of a crime scene looks like the sort of game we wish Murdered: Soul Suspect had turned out to be. Plus the setting reminds us of Alan Wake, which is no bad thing at all. We’d mention Twin Peaks, but we’re hoping we’ll actually solve this mystery. This was one my hot picks of Under the Radar Games in last week’s Sunday Seven.

Cheapest Pre-Order: Game £14.99

Next Week's Releases: Footy, murder and dungeons

Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star (PS3)

There’s always one isn’t there? One game that you look at and think, ‘who the hell are you?’ If you thought the Tales Of series were the niche series compared to Final Fantasy, you know nothing. Pure RPG fans that want to enjoy what nobody else knows exist are all about the Ar games. I guess.

Cheapest Pre-Order: Base £29.99

Release dates and prices correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. That’s life. But if you find any cheaper prices, be sure to sound off and include a link in the comments.

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