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NHL 11

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NHL 11

NHL 11 | £17.99 | Base, DVD.co.uk, Blah DVD & 101cd | PS3

Tom Silkstone
EA Canada, EA Sports, PS3 games, Sports Games
NHL 11 | Playstation 3

Ice Hockey's one of those sports I can happily settle down to watch on the sofa with a cold beer, and what's not to like, it's fast paced, I mean you try and keep your eyes on the puck for an entire match, and watching somebody crumple to the ground after being crunched against the side of the rink is always fun, particularly if it causes a fight to break out! NHL 11 is a brilliant sports game that you won't be disappointed with and you'll save yourself almost £2 on the next best offer if you pick it up from one of the merchants listed above.