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Ninja Blade £6.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Ninja Blade £6.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

Are you someone who likes playing with worms? No that's not a double entendre. I mean invertebrates, you know, cutting them in half to see if they grow back and such like? Hiding them in your sister's spaghetti, that sort of thing? If the answer, and I'd like to point out quickly that we don't endorse animal cruelty, is a maybe then you might interested in Ninja Blade an action-adventure game from...erm...From Studios, which sees you fighting off hordes of people stricken by necrotising fasciitis caused by 'Alpha-worms'. It's like Team 17 and the Res Evil team mixed together with ninjas.

If that sounds appealing you'll be pleased to know that you can pick up a copy for just £6.99, saving you £2 on the nearest price over at Gamestation.

Basically, if you imagine Resident Evil but with the T-virus replaced by necrotising invertebrates and a ninja instead of STARS operatives, you're not too far off of the mark. There's hack-and-slash gameplay reminiscent of Devil May Cry, but don't get any ideas: this is nowhere near as good. Objectionable quick-time events also make an appearance, along with cliched rip-offs from almost every other third-person hack'n'slash out there.

There's none of the finesse exhibited in games from Team Ninja or SEGA despite a clear template. But having said that, there's the odd bit of fun to be had when the game isn't interrupting you with a cut-scene.  The best thing about this game is probably the price to be honest, but there's a certain amount of stress-relieving satisfaction  and some of the moves you can pull off are pretty kick-ass. Don't expect anything too brilliant though.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD

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