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Ninja Gaiden 2 £9.99 @ GameStation [Xbox 360 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Ninja Gaiden 2 £9.99 @ GameStation [Xbox 360 Game]

Unleash your inner psychopath by picking up Ninja Gaiden 2 from GameStation for only £9.99. Revel in your purchase with lopped-off limbs and blood-spewing stumps aplenty!

Chopped up in a price-comparison, the bloody remains of GameStation’s cut-price offer for Ninja Gaiden 2 proved to be the cheapest around, with free delivery for customers in the UK! The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Xbox hack-and-slasher, Ninja Gaiden 2 impressed critics with its blend of over-the-top action, frantic combat and stylish gore and graphics, earning a respectable 81/100 on MetaCritic. It was dubbed the ‘perfect action-game’ by Play.

Ninja Gaiden 2 follows Ryu Hayabusa, the series’ leather-clad, laconic ninja, who must avenge his father’s death and prevent the rebirth of the Arch-Fiend. Ryu ventures from such locations as a stormy New York to the gloomy mangrove swamps of South America, eventually storming the Underworld itself.

The combat in Ninja Gaiden 2 is well-honed and crafted, blending responsive controls with Ryu’s broad repertoire of weapons and skills. The trademark Dragon Sword returns, alongside newcomers such as the Scythe and Wrist-Blades. The pace of the combat is often astounding, as Ryu darts about like a deflated balloon, severing limbs and arteries and painting the screen in flourishes of crimson and purple. Enemies often come in waves, and can sometimes fill the entire screen!

The original Ninja Gaiden was praised for its rock-hard but fair difficulty, with players being rewarded for effort and patience. Ninja Gaiden 2, on the other hand, seemingly replaced its designers with psychopathic sadomasochists, intent on causing as much frustration as possible. Spikes in difficulty occur often, and some moments are simply unfair, such as when Ryu vanquishes an 100-foot armadillo with a volcano for a shell, only for the beast to explode and kill Ryu unless he was blocking! However, wade through the unforgiving difficulty, and its pure nirvana for action-game fans!

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