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Ninja Gaiden II £7.98 @ GAME [XBOX 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Ninja Gaiden II £7.98 @ GAME [XBOX 360 Games]

Ninja Gaiden II is a completely mindless, linear, totally over the top action game in which you storm through various levels slicing people up as this fearless, psycho, messed up butcher. And yes I agree, it sounds absolutely great. So if you’re looking to get hold of this action game classic, it’s currently going for £7.98 at Game. According to a price comparison the next cheapest price for a brand new copy is £12.95 from Shopto.

So, as I’ve just said, this is a game all about killing people in numerous incredibly gory and intensely satisfying ways. Reviewers like to have a pop at the story, but to be honest; this is the most irrelevant part of the whole game. Yes there is no denying the fact Ninja Gaiden II is bound together by a narrative structure which is about as deep as the one in Cannibal Holocaust 2 (actually I take that back as it’s quite a good film really). All it does is provide you with an excuse to violently massacre loads of bad guys with an array of crazy weapons I can’t even pronounce.

Using the tonfas and kusari-gama you can carry out insane combos and literally dice enemies into a cloud of crimson vapour. You can sever an opponent’s arm with a flash of your falcon talons or cut them in half with a swipe of your eclipse scythe. You can use blunt objects to smash an enemy’s arm until it explodes or blow them up completely with a powered up shot from your bow and arrow. Every battle is simply an orgy of bloodshed with limbs, internal organs and blood flying all over the place and mutilated bodies writhing in piles of guts and pulp.

Sounds like it might get quite repetitive. And this might be why the designers kept the game quite short. However even at the end, you’re still well up for more killing and disappointed it all flashed by so soon. If you have an XBOX 360 buy this game. If you don’t, buy an XBOX 360 and then buy this game.

Thanks to dontdothatagain from hotukdeals

Ninja Gaiden II £7.98 @ GAME [XBOX 360 Games]

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