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Ninja Theory Received Death Threats Over New DmC

Matt Gardner
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Ninja Theory Received Death Threats Over New DmC

Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades has revealed that Ninja Theory received death threats over their upcoming reboot of Devil May Cry, with some opting to vent their displeasure through particularly creative means.

"[Enslaved writer] Alex Garland warned me about it because he experienced a similar thing with 28 Days Later where people were upset that it didn't feature real zombies," Antoniades told OXM. "And now with his upcoming Dredd movie."

"So I was half prepared for it, although I have to say that it has been pretty eye opening to see some of the creative ways in which people have chosen to vent their hatred. We didn't expect death threats in comic book form or anti-DmC death metal songs!"

Antoniades' colleague Alex Jones acknowledged the difficulty the studio have had in swaying public opinion, saying that it was always going to be a tricky matter until gameplay videos could be revealed.

"It's pretty hard for me to back the decisions we made without showing actual gameplay to the public," said Jones. "So until that time comes, and it will come soon, I just have to put up with the rage.

"Though I must say, lots of people have come and said that they are now interested in DmC whereas they had previously lost interest in the series. We'll see how this plays out."

Ninja Theory have been effusive in reiterating their commitment to ensuring that the combat is a fluid as possible. "Combat is something that we are taking very seriously and is one of the areas that we're working closely with Capcom on," added Antoniades. "Technical, fluid combat with depth is one of the key pillars of the Devil May Cry series and as such is right at the top of our list of priorities. We wouldn't be making a Devil May Cry game if this wasn't the case."

DmC should be hitting shelves later this year on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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