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Nintendo: 3DS Has "Fundamentally Different" Strategies To PS Vita

Matt Gardner
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Nintendo: 3DS Has "Fundamentally Different" Strategies To PS Vita

Nintendo marketing executive Scott Moffitt has said that Nintendo and Sony's approaches to the handheld gaming market are "fundamental different", suggesting that whilst Sony look to extend the home console, living room experience on the go, Nintendo are more concerned with creating unique experiences.

"Certainly, on the handheld side, we're heading in a very different direction than PlayStation with Vita," Moffitt said. "It really comes back to, in my opinion, the core strategy. I believe their view on the market is that the handheld gaming occasion and the home gaming occasion are one in the same, that people just have the desire to keep continue playing their home console game when they leave the house.

"And our philosophy, our belief, our strategy, is that we believe it's kind of a different occasion. The moment of time you're willing to play, the amount of time you have able to play when you're away from home is different and your gaming behaviour is different."

Moreover, Moffitt feels that there should be differences between the two, and that the inconsistency and unpredictability of being out and about with a portable device ought to make for unique gaming opportunities and challenges.

"You're not going to grab the whole bag of Doritos chips and sit on the couch for three hours; you have 25 minutes until the bus comes or whatever it might be," he said. "So the nature of the game ought to be a little different and the nature of the experience ought to be a little different.

"So I do believe on that, we have fundamentally different strategies." [Gamespot]


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Late  Aug. 30, 2013 at 11:48

2004 - PSP
2009 - PSP Go
2012 - PSVita
We've got something new - we'll bring out a new console.

2004 - DS
2005 - "Limited edition" DS in new colours
2006 - DS Lite
2007 - "Limited edition" DS Lite in new colours
2009 - DSi
2010 - DSi XL
2011 - 3DS
2012 - 3DS XL
2013 - 2DS
It's a year since our last variation. What minor or pointless modification can we make that'll get the kids pestering their parents to buy what is essentially the same machine they already own?

Realhoneyman  Aug. 30, 2013 at 19:10

That's a valid point to make Late but a slightly brutal one as well to say that both companies offer good quality portable entertainment options.

That said, yeah Nintendo bring out aesthetically tweaked portables frequently but gaming audiences continue to buy them. SONY tried digital-only with the PSP Go and got their **** kicked because of it. Sometimes certain approaches just don't work out or the market's not yet ready for it.

Big fan of portable gaming, there's just something great about enjoying compact gaming on the go and the best examples are worthy of being some of gaming's greatest too.

Anarchist  Aug. 30, 2013 at 19:44

Everytime a Nintendo press release contains the term "Unique experience(s)", god kills a kitten.


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