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Nintendo: 3DS Prices Will Rise

Jonathan Lester
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Launch Deals Won't Last Forever

Nintendo: 3DS Prices Will Rise

The Nintendo 3DS has launched today with many retailers offering cut-price deals and bundles that make it an extremely affordable (and sub-£200) purchase. However, Nintendo have warned that prices will unavoidably rise over the next few weeks... and that the early bird will catch the best deals. Then again, they would say that, wouldn't they?

When quizzed by Eurogamer at the 3DS launch party last night, marketing manager James Honeywell believes that retailers will soon raise their prices- and that the freedom that allows individual stockists to run their own deals will also let them charge a lot more in the near future.

The only thing I would suggest to any readers is, don't wait.

I'm not sure a lot of those offers will be there for the long term. Those are great offers for the launch. There's huge amount of noise and hype around the launch. Those prices will start to revert a bit.

Clearly people are trying to get as many possible sales as they can in these first couple of days. After that, perhaps a little more normality will come back to the market and you'll see that creep up again. So don't wait and think, oh, if this is how far it's gone down, it's going to go down even lower. You might see the opposite.

Wow: a Nintendo marketing manager suggesting that you buy the 3DS immediately?  Shock horror! Still, he probably has a point. Competition for preorders was extremely fierce (resulting in one of the most pre-ordered devices of all time), but once that subsides, we can expect prices to even out around the £200+ level. [EG]

I'm working on a hardware review as you're reading this sentence. Preliminary report: fantastic hardware, killer headaches. Remember to turn the slider down and work your way up!

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Sam  Mar. 25, 2011 at 11:49

Fire sale!

On a serious note, are the headaches really that bad? I get ill from FPSes, and I wonder if the 3ds will do the same. I've ordered one anyway; I couldn't resist, even though I don't need one and the games look a bit bad right now.

Gunn  Mar. 25, 2011 at 12:40

so explain why if its the most pre ordered console in history that the prices are so good, is it maybe because its overpriced. nintendo doesn't have the best history in regards to price drops so I partly believe what he is saying, i guess its up to the retailers to see how much margin they are will to sacrifice.

Jonathan Lester  Mar. 25, 2011 at 12:40

The headaches can be avoided by erring on the side of caution. Be sure to set the intensity slider down to around one third and find a level that's comfortable for you. Full intensity is a bit mind blowing to say the least!

Travis Touchdown  Mar. 25, 2011 at 12:51

Nintendos history with price drops is actually pretty good, the wii resisted discounting far longer than the PS3/360, The DS actually went up from its original launch price (£99) - in fact i think the last nintendo console which did get reduced sharply (in speed and value)was the N64.

Gunn  Mar. 25, 2011 at 13:08

The DS was at times so difficult to get and I remember people ebaying them for double etc so will we see that again with the 3DS I wonder..


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