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Nintendo Admits 3DS Launch Failings

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo Admits 3DS Launch Failings

Pledges Stronger Launch Titles For Future Systems

We like it when publishers who cock up candidly admit their failings, but considering the rampant pre-order projections and excitement surrounding the 3DS earlier this year, we never thought we'd be talking about Nintendo. In a new interview, NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aime admits that the 3DS launch taught them some harsh lessons (echoing Iwata in Nintendo's calamitous recent Q2 financial statement) - and that they need to ensure that future consoles offer a half-decent launch lineup and "digital resources" from day one. Full quotes below.

Speaking to Brazilian website Jugos.uol, Reggie stated that "a strong lineup of games" will be necessary for any future new console (i.e. the Wii U) - and that they need to sort out the marketplace infrastucture ahead of time rather than releasing it down the line.

The launch of the 3DS was very interesting: the portable earned great impressions at E3 2010, had excellent pre-order sales, and sold more than any portable system in its first week. So, we had many successes with the 3DS. But in terms of lessons learned, we need to ensure that we have a strong lineup of games when we release hardware – especially titles from Nintendo. And, looking back, we may not have offered the best lineup of games that we could have brought to the 3DS. It is also important that the digital resources of the hardware are available right away. With 3DS, this came later.

So, if Reggie is to be believed, Nintendo will be trying their utmost to ensure that the Wii U releases with serviceable software support from the word go. Could a next-gen Mario title be on the cards? If not, let's at least hope that their digital marketplace will be up and running from day one. It needs to be. [via GoNintendo]

On a personal note (pundit hat on, impartial hat off), it does worry me that Nintendo weren't aware of this fairly obvious fact from the get-go... and are still taking an age to get some major first-party games to the 3DS. Do they have what it takes to get back into the AAA console game? All we know is that 2012 is going to be an exceptionally interesting - and potentially trying - year for the venerable company.

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gunnx  Nov. 10, 2011 at 10:58

I wonder if the reason that happened was to try and please the investors, a new hardware unit would give investors something to believe in as Nintendo weren't doing that well for projected earnings in 2010 with the decline of the Wii. Perhaps they had to rush out the 3DS, hoping that developers would get games out quickly.

JonLester  Nov. 10, 2011 at 11:06

@gunnx: Heh, you'd better believe they hoped that developers would get games out faster than they are, but I'd go further than that. It seems that Nintendo haven't really moved with the changing market - which now revolves around new games rather than new consoles. They released the 3DS and, as far as I can see, expected people to buy it just because it's new and from Nintendo. The market doesn't work like that any more (well, apart from Apple), and I really hope that they take a lot of very serious lessons to heart when E3 2012 rolls around. If they don't nail the full launch title and hardware reveal - or worse, **** it up as badly as the E3 2011 reveal - they may find themselves in serious trouble.

RiKx  Nov. 10, 2011 at 13:40

they need to sort out the on-line aspect Wii was far too fiddly and the ridunkulousness that you cant transfer purchases as well -WTF?! who the hell thought that adding friends via a ridiculous long code was a good idea. Why was there never a firmware update that corrected any of these issues?! they just sat on their laurel's and the next console is going to be technically on par with a 360? which will by then be 6 years old. I think they need a major, MAJOR rethink if they don't want to end up a SEGA...

Last edited by RiKx, Nov. 10, 2011 at 13:41


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