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Nintendo Apparently Limiting Ocarina Of Time 3DS Launch Quantities

Felix Kemp
Games news, Ocarina of Time

Nintendo Apparently Limiting Ocarina Of Time 3DS Launch Quantities

Here's an odd one; according to a Japanese retail blog, Sinobi, which the ever-dependable Andriasang has once again translated for us, Nintendo is limiting the first shipment of the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time to an "extremely small" amount. They're refusing retailer's requests to order extra quantities, regardless of size or influence. No clarification was given as to why Nintendo is being so stupid, but Sinobi expects its to avoid the same issues Zelda: Spirit Tracks encountered when hundreds of returned copies ended up in bargain bins.

Personally, I expect a little has been lost in translation on both sides. Maybe Sinobi have got their information wrong, or Andriasang are translating a little too bluntly. Ocarina of Time is one of the most hotly anticipated releases on the 3DS - which is suffering something of a good games' drought - so to limit its release, possibly resulting in hundreds or thousands of fans being shafted by shortages, would be beyond mad. We'll have more for you when - or if - this actually develops. [Andriasang]

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