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Nintendo "Considering" Bringing TVii To Europe

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo "Considering" Bringing TVii To Europe

American Wii U owners will be able to utilise the free TVii application that essentially turns the console into a TiVo box, with the ability to watch and record a range of channels and online services. No such luck for us Eurotrash, though. Thankfully, Nintendo is actively considering rolling out the service over here, with more details forthcoming.

Ninty boss Saturu Iwata told investors to expect an international debut for the TVii service, after doing some research into what we watch. "We are currently considering offering Nintendo TVii in Japan and Europe by taking into account how people watch television in each region, and I believe I will be able to share more details in the not-so-distant future."

"In this sense, many partners, including third-party publishers and non-gaming partners, as exemplified by VOD service providers, are seeing a lot of potential in Wii U, especially because it can also be used freely in the living room even if the TV is in use, and there are many possibilities, such as a shopping service or some other service that uses the internet." [via CVG]

Once launched stateside, TVii will let users watch NFL matches, Hulu, Tivo, Amazon and ABC content on their Gamepad or television. Users can also personalise the interface and interact with friends. We could expect something similar, though perhaps with Netflix and Lovefilm taking centre stage.

Either way, here's the E3 trailer. The Wii U launches on November 30th - would this sort of functionality sway your purchasing decision?

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