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Nintendo already has a "clear idea" about their next console, but won't abandon Wii U

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Wii U

Nintendo already has a "clear idea" about their next console, but won't abandon Wii U

Nintendo are already planning their next console in the face of sluggish Wii U sales, but promises to "work hard to ensure that consumers who already own our platforms are satisfied" over the coming years.

""I would like to say that we are preparing for our next hardware system, and in fact, we already have a clear idea to some extent about the direction our next hardware is going to take," explained Ninty president Satoru Iwata in a recent sales call. [via  ONM]

Hardware manufacturers are always developing new console hardware, so it's no surprise that Nintendo are already making headway on the Wii U's successor."Once we launch a new platform, we naturally start to prepare for the next one," Iwata elaborated. "As it takes several years to develop a single platform, if you ask us whether we are preparing for our next system, then the correct response will be that we are always developing new hardware."

"On the other hand, the most difficult question for us to answer in public in concrete terms is when we are going to launch our new hardware and what kind of hardware we are going to launch, and I am afraid that I cannot talk about this in more detail. However, I can certainly assure you that we are not at a dead end of any kind in which we are out of ideas for developing new hardware."

Interesting. Let's brainstorm. Perhaps we can expect a console that... has Mario on it... and, erm, also Zelda on it? Don't get me wrong, that's what we love about Nintendo consoles, but trying to predict their hardware is very difficult at least in terms of inputs and peripherals. Perhaps recent rumours about a 'Fusion' prototype that features a powerful console as a base station for a new handheld has merit, or they'll look to go back to basics with a straightforward controller-equipped machine. Many pundits suggest that Nintendo simply can't or won't release a new living room console, but it's clear that the Big N begs to differ.

Speaking of "dead end," though, Nintendo are still committed to making the sluggish Wii U a success, and won't just leave it by the wayside in favour of newer hardware. "I of course believe that launching new hardware will not produce good results unless we first make sure that those who have already purchased our platforms are satisfied", Iwata cooed at us early adopters.

"We will continue to work hard to ensure that consumers who already own our platforms are satisfied, and make sure that people will continue to see great value in our software."

With Mario Kart 8 and its superb free game deal nearly upon us, Nintendo reckon that they'll shift some more bundles - and for the record, the Wii U's existing game library puts both PS4 and Xbox One to shame. Whether they can capitalise on sensational quality with mainstream success, or quietly create a legendary cult system that everyone praises yet no-one actually buys, remains to be seen.

What do you expect and want from Nintendo's next console - or from their current one? Let us know in the comments!

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kristianity77  May. 14, 2014 at 11:16


Late  May. 14, 2014 at 11:51

When they say "next hardware system" are we sure they're not just talking about bringing out one of their existing machines but in a new exclusive colour?

JonLester  May. 14, 2014 at 12:00

When they say "next hardware system" are we sure they're not just talking about bringing out one of their existing machines but in a new exclusive colour?

Oh, I'm pretty sure that Ninty has a huge separate division for that. With luck they're focusing on getting a second circle pad onto the the 3DS XL. Or putting stickers on it.

Last edited by JonLester, May. 14, 2014 at 12:00
justtryitonce  May. 14, 2014 at 13:50

Just develop a machine that can do 1080P at 60fps with a standard controller for £300 that can easily port games from PC, to make it desireable for comsumers and developers. Launch it with a new Super Mario, new Zelda, new Pokemon and an upgraded Mario Kart8 version and watch the money roll in.

Late  May. 14, 2014 at 14:15

It's as simple as that.
Come on, Iwata-San. Get your finger out.

Realhoneyman  May. 15, 2014 at 02:32

Well since Nintendo is now used to producing titles that are in resolutions most gamers are accustomed to, perhaps they can go all-out with a pure gamew machine? No gimmick driven controllers, no shovelware or Wii Sports variants, justa true comeptitor to SONY and Microsoft's efforts so everyone has to have a Nintendo console again (like the company's generational dominance in the 16-Bit era).

N.B A main Zelda entry and a new title (perhaps the next MGR: Revengeance) and a follow-up to X out of the gate would generate some major interest?

Come on Nintendo, what are you waiting for? Kill it!

Late  May. 15, 2014 at 09:34

I totally expected Nintendo to do that this generation, tbh, and then they announced the Wii U.

They were perfectly poised. They had their last machine in everyone's house. The Wii might have been laughed at, to a degree, by hardcore gamers, but it had some good games (and a cubic f*cktonne of bad ones), some great innovations, and some great ideas - and it had even tempted a massive number of "non-gamers" to dip a toe in the market - and many of them loved their new machine.

If Nintendo had released a powerful pure-gaming machine in 2012/13 they would've had the market absolutely sewn up. The gamers would buy it, and a lot of the non-gamers would have bought it to replace their old wii. They'd have total domination.
Instead they brought out a Wii update with a fisherprice peripheral. :(

There's still hope, though. They might've ballsed up this last couple of years, but if they can get a powerful pure-gaming machine out in the next 3-4 years or so* I think they'll be onto a real winner.
Just don't leave it until Microsoft and Sony are about to bring out a fairly powerful console, and then announce you're bringing out something that's almost as powerful as the last gen but has these amazing game-changing features that nobody really understands or is interested in...


*Realistically, I don't expect a new console that soon. But if Ninty could swing it, they'd be onto a winner. If it's slightly more capable than the xbox and the ps4, and Microsoft and Sony have no intentions of bringing out a new console in the next few years then people will snap it up.

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