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Nintendo Confirm Wii U Will Sell At A Loss At Launch

Matt Gardner
Games consoles, Nintendo, Sales, Wii U

Nintendo Confirm Wii U Will Sell At A Loss At Launch

Nintendo's upcoming new console - the Wii U - will apparently make a loss per console sold, with the company revealing the news shortly after the release of the company's uninspiring financial brief yesterday.

Yesterday's reports indicated that Nintendo had posted another loss, albeit a smaller one than last year, with Wii and 3DS sales in decline, and the latter faring particularly badly outside of Japan.

IGN reported that Nintendo predicts that they'll manage to shift 5.5 million Wii U consoles before the end of the fiscal year, which would no doubt help the dwindling figures. However, senior managing director Yoshihiro Mori also confirmed that the company will  be making a loss on each console sold.

“Manufacturing costs are expensive, and we priced the machine at a level customers would accept,” Satoru Iwata added. “It’s important for us to develop a healthy business next fiscal year by combining sales of hardware and software.”



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