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Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor

Carl Phillips
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Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor

Hold on to your hats people, because the rumour mill is about to go into ludicrous speed.

In a note that was published alongside the company’s financial statement for 2011, Nintendo decided not to wait until E3 to reveal the big news and have confirmed the existence of the successor to the Wii, codenamed ‘Project Café.’

The statement can be found via a .pdf at their official site here, but for those too lazy to click, here’s a screenshot.

Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor

So instead of waiting with baited breathe for a possible announcement at the biggest industry stage of the year, we now know there will definitely be something to talk about come June. We recently had our very own Tom Silkstone post a round-up of all the information for the Wii 2.0 which you can view here, and if it turns out to be true we could be in for a very interesting E3.

Providing there are some actual games for it, of course.

So will we be seeing a console in 2012 that uses a touchscreen for a controller which can stream your games to you whilst on the go, with coffee shops up and down the country filled with the tablet devices instead of people writing screenplays? Have no fear; we will have our finest agents on-hand at E3 this year to get you the info as soon as it is unleashed.

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Gunn  Apr. 25, 2011 at 10:57

Even though the Wii is my bottom choice console this generation I'm quite excited to see what they will produce

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