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Nintendo DS Lite £79.99 @ Sainsbury's

Matt Gardner
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Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Lite £79.99 @ Sainsbury's

Smaller and sleeker than the original, this is the Atkins diet DS, lacking nothing in functionality and actually improving upon its parent with extended battery life, brighter screens and a chunkier stylus.

The various forms of the DS have all hovered up around the £100 mark for some time - not surprising considering the barnstorming success of Nintendo's handheld - but finally we're beginning to see some signs of a price drop. You can pick up a DS Lite, in a choice of 4 different colours, for £79.99 at the moment from Sainsbury's, which is around £10 less than most other merchants, although you will have to pay £3.95 for delivery if ordering over the net.

There are a few other changes, a few buttons have been moved, as has the microphone, accessories for the GBA can no longer be used due to the new external extension port, but you can still play GBA games, although they'll poke out at the top a little bit due to the smaller size, Ultimately, though, the DS Lite is a big improvement: it's more portable, the battery life last for ages as the processors use less power, and the visual sprucing is a welcome touch indeed.

There's a reason why the DS is the fastest selling handheld of all time: it's brilliant. It's far more pocket sized than the PSP 3000, although perhaps not the Go, and in spite of not being able to match Sony's handheld for sheer power, its array of games is arguably more impressive. The DS is certainly more versatile than its rather more straightforward competitor, but the things that they offer differ enough that you can quite happily pick up both.Nintendo DS Lite £79.99 @ Sainsbury's

I've just ordered one of these. It means that finally I won't have to keep stealing my sister's DS.

Thanks to loll1es at HUKD

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Alma Horner  Apr. 21, 2010 at 17:22

How do I order Nintendo DS Lite £79.99 @Sainsbury's

Matt Gardner  Apr. 21, 2010 at 18:02

Deal expired.


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