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Nintendo DSi £99.99 @ WHSmith

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo DSi £99.99 @ WHSmith

WHSmith has lowered the price of the Nintendo DSi to under £100 as part of their stock clearance sale. This is £20 cheaper than Amazon- as well as being the one of the best prices I've ever seen for a brand new DSi console from a reputable retailer. This is a hot one, folks!

The last of the black DSi stock cleared minutes after this deal went live, but you can still pick up  a white version at the time of writing - Ed.

The Nintendo DSi retains the dual screen, touch-sensitive design of the DS Lite, but throws a few new features into the mix. SD Cards can now be inserted into the device, essentially providing the DS with a hard disc. This means that games and DLC can now be downloaded directly onto the DS and also opens up a whole new world of gimmicks possibilities!

Two 3MP cameras allow photos to be taken, stored and manipulated using the built-in imaging software; and an integrated sound playback/editing suite lets you take your music on the move. Don't be fooled into thinking that the DS is now an audiovisual powerhouse, though: since the camera software is a gimmicky distraction (rather than a fully-featured editing suite) and only AAC sound files are supported instead of the far more popular MP3. Still, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth- these are neat little additions that add a lot of value to the product. It'll be interesting to see what developers make of the new capabilities in future DS titles.

The DSi only has one one real hardware issue: the lack of a GBA expansion slot. The original DS and DS Lite were able to play Game Boy Advance titles, so if you've got a range of older Nintendo cartridges then you're better off buying an older version (or just sticking with the GBA SP, which is probably the finest handheld of all time!).

If you're in the market for a portable console then this is a fantastic price that shouldn't be overlooked. The DS is the most popular handheld on the market for a reason, and £99.99 is a relatively small price to pay for the most advanced version (before the DSi XL is released...).

Wow, that was a lot of acronyms!

Thanks to mumbojumbo at Hot UK Deals

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