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Nintendo E3 2011 Conference | New Mario Kart, Star Fox

Felix Kemp
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Nintendo E3 2011 Conference | New Mario Kart, Star Fox

Nintendo unveiled a new Mario Kart game is in the works on the 3DS, showing off a - 2D - trailer full of all the wacky racing shenanigans we've become accustomed to from Mario and pals vehicular exploits. Along with the usual racers, we saw hang-gliders, submersible vehicles and customizable options. It's due this holiday season.

Next up, a Star Fox 3D title was revealed. The new adventure allows you to either use traditional button inputs, or utilizing the 3DS' motion-sensor to tilt and dive around. It also features full multiplayer support, where your face is scanned on-screen so you can revel in your rivals' defeated expression or suffer his ecstatic joy.

But Nintendo weren't finished just yet, revealing a brand new Super Mario adventure on the 3DS. Showcasing all the classic platforming, along with a new raccoon-like costume which allows Mario to glide around in the air, waggling his feet. It's due this year, too.

But wait; there's more! Kid Icarus Uprising was shown off, with on-the-rails shooter segments, third-person hack and slash combat and cracking visuals all on offer. Very impressive stuff, indeed. It also features 3 on 3 multiplayer duels. And a trading card game appears to be in the works, too, with classic Icarus characters duking it out in augmented reality.

Don't hold your breath, as Nintendo wasn't finished yet. Luigi's Mansion 2 was unveiled, with Mario's green outfitted brother sucking up all manner of ghouls and ghosts into his hungry ectoplasmic vacuum. Nintendo revealed it contains not just one, but several new mansions to explore.

The list of publishers involved in creating third-party software was revealed, with a montage showcasing the likes of Resident Evil, Mario & Sonic, Ace Combat, Tetris, Cave Story, Driver, Tekken and Metal Gear Solid. It was an impressive display, going some way towards making up for the lackluster launch lineup itself.

The eShop will be going live on the 3DS very soon, too, Nintendo revealed. With 3D trailers, demos and a Virtual Console service offering retro titles in 3D, such as Excitebike, a classic.

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