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Nintendo: We "Embrace" The "Independent Spirit"

Jonathan Lester
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"Garage Developers" Still Blocked By Terms Of Service

Nintendo: We "Embrace" The "Independent Spirit"

Nintendo Of America Boss Reggie Fils-Aime angered the Independent community earlier this month by announcing that they were unwilling to do business with so-called "garage developers." However, their PR manager has now backed away from these comments - and suggested that Nintendo It's a noble sentiment... but one that isn't borne out by their restrictive terms of service.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Ninty PR Director Marc Franklin stated that Nintendo "embrace" the independent scene and spirit, citing their willingness to collaborate with World Of Goo developers 2D Boy as an example.

Nintendo always appreciates good quality content regardless of whether that's coming from an indie developer or a more established publisher.

For example, we've worked with 2D Boy, the people behind World of Goo for WiiWare," he said. "This is a group of guys who don't even have an office. So we embrace that kind of independent spirit and it's ultimately the most innovative content that will rise to the top.

Franklin was quick to mention that quality is the most important part of the Nintendo experience, however, and took a swing at iOS app developers by suggesting that quality and value isn't a primary concern. Over at Mobot, we'd beg to differ.

Despite Franklin's comments, this noble sentiment certainly doesn't mean that everyone can leap into developing for Nintendo platforms. Not by a long shot. According to the terms of service built into their dev kit, "garage" and bedroom developers are literally denied from peddling their wares.

Nintendo looks for companies that are established game developers, or individuals with game industry experience. Authorization will be based upon your relevant game industry experience.

We require that companies are working from a secure business location. A secure business location has security systems for the building. The office space is secured from other offices in the same building. The office space is not shared with any other company. Sub-leases will need to be reviewed. The office space is not located within a personal residence.

Personally, we reckon that this is a fairly reasonable stance to take for the 3DS... but with iOS applications snapping at their heels, Nintendo may well be missing the opportunity to offer low-cost apps and games of their very own. Considering the discontent in the Xbox Live Indie scene, there may soon be a gaggle of veteran coders looking for a new outlet.

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