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Nintendo Explain Mature Content Restrictions On Wii U

Matt Gardner
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Nintendo Explain Mature Content Restrictions On Wii U

Having trouble downloading mature-rated content on your Wii U before 11pm? Well that's because Nintendo have been busying themselves trying to comply with Germany's hardline stance on mature content distribution.

In a statement sent to Eurogamer, Nintendo replied saying that because the European HQ is situated in Frankfurt, the company is bound by German law to comply with age restriction requirements across the continent.

“At Nintendo we always aim to provide a safe gaming experience for fans of all ages and ensure that we comply with applicable legal age restriction requirements across Europe,” Nintendo stated.

“Legal age restriction requirements vary across a number of European countries. Since Nintendo of Europe is based in Germany, Nintendo eShop is complying with German youth protection regulation which therefore applies to all our European markets. Under German law, content rated 18+ must be made available only at night.

“Therefore the accessibility of 18+ content in Nintendo eShop is limited to [USK: 22:00 UTC until 4:00 UTC] [PEGI: 23:00 UTC until 3:00 UTC].”

Quite why PEGI's definition of "night" appears to be two hours shorter than that of Germany's regulating body USK (four and six hours respectively) is a little confusing. It's  understandable that Nintendo are wanting to take a firm line with this, but considering that the console has a parental lock option, it seems a little like overkill to us.

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Quietus  Dec. 10, 2012 at 12:07

Every now and again, something like this crops up, and I think thank f**k that we live in a country with relatively little censorship.

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