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Nintendo finally reveals the first 3DS/Wii U cross-buy game... with a couple of kinks

Jonathan Lester
3DS Games, Nintendo, Wii U games

Nintendo finally reveals the first 3DS/Wii U cross-buy game... with a couple of kinks

After several years of being shown up by Sony's PS Vita/PS3 'cross-buy' initiative, Nintendo are finally ready to follow suit on their own hardware. From tomorrow, buying SQUIDS Odyssey on 3DS will instantly unlock the Wii U version for free.

As we noted in our 7/10 review, it's a solid, lighthearted and seriously enjoyable tactical hybrid, though Nintendo still hasn't quite grasped the cross-buy concept yet.

Indeed, they need to iron out a couple of bizarre creases. Most importantly, potential buyers must bear in mind that the promotion will only work if you buy the 3DS version, not the Wii U version. Purchasing SQUIDS Odyssey on 3DS will unlock the Wii U version, whereas buying the Wii U version... just gets you the Wii U version.

Hopefully this won't be a permanent bugbear, but do bear this in mind.

International readers should also note that the promotion will also only apply here in Europe.

In better news, though, it's great to see that Nintendo are bumbling towards cross-play in their own leisurely and slightly shambolic way. Our SQUIDS Odyssey 3DS impressions piece is embargoed until tomorrow, but I'm sure no-one will mind if I tell you that the game is feature-and-content-complete across both versions, and controls brilliantly regardless of platform.

"Thankfully the GamePad's touchscreen makes setting up tricky shots a cinch, and we suspect that the 3DS stylus will do just as well," wrote the stunningly insightful and devilishly handsome Jonathan Lester (no relation) in our full review. He's not wrong, though you'll have to wait to hear about visuals and other factors.

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stevenjameshyde  Jul. 2, 2014 at 16:33

Also only works if your 3DS and Wii are registered to the same NNID, which can cause problems if either are second hand or replacements

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