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Nintendo Probably Won't Hold Major E3 Press Conference This Year

Jonathan Lester
E3 2013, Nintendo

Nintendo Probably Won't Hold Major E3 Press Conference This Year

Nintendo has announced that they won't be throwing a massive E3 presentation this summer, perhaps in order to avoid the triumphal next-gen cavalcades from Microsoft and Sony.

Hidden within yesterday's financial report, President Satoru Iwata suggests that they'll develop a "new presentation style." Rather than holding a "large scale presentation targeted at the entire international audience," they'll instead host some smaller events specific to each territory, focusing on in-depth sessions for distributors and hands-on experiences for us hacks. Nintendo Direct broadcasts will also play a key role in their communication going forward. [via Siliconera]

There's some logic to this. E3 has a massively fractured audience who are looking for different things; from shareholders and distributors craving financials and projections, to mainstream gamers just wanting to be told about the latest software. Last year, both Microsoft and Sony fell prey to trying to cater to everyone, leading to some largely uninformative press conferences that were eclipsed by Ubisoft's emphatic showcase. It's also likely that Nintendo worried about being overshadowed by their rivals, who will be bringing next-gen consoles to the party.

That said, perhaps Nintendo ought to be showing the world that it can stand up to the big dogs on gaming campus, and shouting about the Wii U's games lineup until they're blue in the face. We can't help but wonder whether this will be taken as an admission of failure by gamers and shareholders alike, or whether this is a missed opportunity to capitalise on the last few months before the next generation arrives.

But then again, maybe this will allow Ninty to cut through the flam and faff of E3 to focus on the all-important games, which we can relay to you without all the pointless celebrity cameos. We'll find out in June.

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MattGardner  Apr. 25, 2013 at 11:19

I actually think this is a good move for Nintendo. Announcements can be made via Nintendo Direct, which is essentially a mini, streamed presser. We lamented the need for an enormously lavish press conference last year, and I reckon a renewed focus on closed-door, hands-on time would prove far better.

A Ninty Direct maybe a day or two ahead of E3 (better yet, a day or two ahead of Microsoft's now confirmed reveal) would be so easy, and far less expensive.

davidpanik  Apr. 25, 2013 at 13:43

Definitely sounds like a smart move - especially considering how hard it is to "get" Nintendo's products these days without actually trying them out.

I remember last year, all of the Dealspwn writers who'd stayed up at home reaching the conclusion that the Wii U wasn't up to much - then the one who had actually gone to E3 (apologies, I forgot who it was) came back loving it and saying he was definitely going to get one.

JonLester  Apr. 25, 2013 at 14:15

That'd be me, and yes, that definitely happened. :3 So long as the events are properly organised, this could well be a very good idea.

ChrisHyde  Apr. 25, 2013 at 14:21

I actually think this is a very smart move. The only thing in Nintendo's locker this year at E3 is their games, given Sony and Microsoft have console launches on the horizon.

You don't need a big all-ecompassing presentation to discuss the games.

And previous Nintendo Directs - such as the one that announced Wind Waker HD, new Xenoblade etc - sent social media into a frenzy, so they definitely can work as a suitable provider of information.

And one thing is very clear - people will definitely be looking out for what Nintendo do now they have chosen this different path. And from Nintendo's point of view, that can only be a good thing.

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