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Nintendo Land UK TV Adverts Challenge Us To "Talk Or Fail"

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo Land UK TV Adverts Challenge Us To "Talk Or Fail"

Just in case you're not already fed up with the Wii U adverts that are finally starting to crop up here in the UK, we've corralled them all below. Nintendo's tagline - "talk or fail" - is an interesting hook to try and sell Nintendo Land's asymmetrical multiplayer, though whether the sickly sweet ads will find traction with us dedicated gaming types is up for debate (how many you can watch in one go...?).

Nintendo Land, an asymmetrical minigame collection designed to educate players in what to expect from the Gamepad peripheral, will be shipped as a pack-in with the Wii U Premium Edition, though will have to be bought standalone if you've opted for the Basic set. Our hands-on impressions range from cautiously intrigued (me) to seething rage (Matt).

Mario Chase Minigame

Pikmin Adventure Minigame

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest Minigame

Metroid Blast Minigame

Luigi's Mansion Minigame

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