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Nintendo Loses Patent Infringement Case Over 3D Technology

Carl Phillips
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Nintendo Loses Patent Infringement Case Over 3D Technology

Ordered To Pay $30 Million In the Process

Nintendo has started the day on bad note, as reports have emerged that they have been found guilty of patent infringement over the glasses-free 3D technology used in the 3DS.

The report, posted by Reuters, states that the representatives for inventor Seijiro Tomita were successful in convincing a jury in the US District Court that the Big N used ideas he had developed in the final design for its handheld console. Tomita, a former Sony employee, met with Nintendo officials in 2003 to showcase his design, but the defence attorney for the case tried to point out that this meeting was one of many that were held to see potential technology ideas. However, the excuse wasn’t enough to convince the jury, which sided with Tomita.

Originally Tomita wanted $9.80 for every 3DS sold, which would have added up to $292 million, but the court ultimately decided that he would only get $30.2 million instead. Either way, this sets a rather curious precedent, especially as there is no mention of Sharp in the report, who were the manufacturer of the glasses-less 3D display used in the 3DS. We’re sure that Nintendo will appeal against the decision, and will keep you up to date with the latest news as it emerges.

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jpxdude  Mar. 14, 2013 at 12:49

Nintendo must be laughing, as this is chump change for them really.

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