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Nintendo Considering Paid DLC For Super Mario 3D Land?

Jonathan Lester
DLC, Nintendo, Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo Considering Paid DLC For Super Mario 3D Land?

Will Ninty Finally Embrace The DLC Model?

Nintendo is still unbelievably late to the digital download party as far as post-launch content and updates are concerned... and it appears that they might be about to embrace the industry status quo. Speaking in a recent investors Q&A session, President Satoru Iwata suggests that profits could be massively boosted by supplying "Super Mario users" with new levels via the eShop - which would also ensure that their games stay relevant for longer. Full details below.

During the briefing, Iwata suggests that their profits are limited by the number of sold 3DS consoles and that that supplying DLC to key games will provide a major new source of revenue. Not only that, but it will allow Nintendo games to remain fresh and relevant long after their release dates. However, whether they plan to roll out the scheme for Super Mario 3D land or the newly-confirmed 2D title remains to be seen.

In this fiscal year, we are in the transitional phase of platforms when a new platform has not penetrated well and even the software with the most potential for the platform can only sell as much as the number of hardware systems sold so far.

On the other hand, we will be able to do various things in the field of digital business. Up until now, once consumers who had bought a game got tired of it, they would never play it and it would never draw public attention again. Even if the game had the sales potential to other new consumers, they rarely actually bought it because the consumers who already had bought it would never talk about it again and the game would be considered an old one.

Having said that, what if we could provide add-on content through the network? As I referred to before, for example, this is the idea of supplying new stages to Super Mario users who want to play the game more but have completed the game and lost interest in the existing stages.

This will not only give us new profits but will lengthen the life of a product, in that it will never be out of fashion and can keep attracting public attention as long as many people play it.

Does anyone else find it incredibly endearing that Nintendo appear to be considering the idea for the first time as if paid DLC is an entirely new concept? Aww, they grow up so fast.

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