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Nintendo: "No Plans" For Wii U Ambassador Programme

Jonathan Lester
3DS Ambassador Programme, Nintendo, Wii U

Nintendo: "No Plans" For Wii U Ambassador Programme

Nintendo gave early 3DS adopters some free game downloads to apologise for cutting the handheld's price so soon after launch. However, they don't plan to do the same for those of us who brought a Wii U before the recent price drop.

“The Ambassador program is only available to any Nintendo 3DS owner who purchased their system before August 12, 2011 and there are no plans for a similar program for Wii U,” a Nintendo spokesperson informed Wii U Daily.

“I know that this isn’t what you were hoping for, but we appreciate your support of our products now and in the future. I also want to assure you that your comments will be added to our records and made available for other departments at the company to use as they see fit.”

Nintendo's Wii U price cut reduces the price of the deluxe bundle by $50 (£30 in the UK, though it's ultimately up to retailer discretion), bringing it down to the level of the Basic edition - partly in order to undercut the surprisingly affordable PS4. It's nowhere near as drastic as the 3DS price cut, but we rather feel that offering a few downloads to consumers who buy a Wii U in the next couple of months could sweeten the deal and help to bulk up the install base. At least we've got The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 to play for the time being.

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Late  Sep. 3, 2013 at 11:29

On the bright side, game prices on the console are falling nicely. We've seen ZombiU, Assassin's Creed 3, All-Star Racing, Arkham City, and Nintendoland each going for around £10-£12 lately. (hukd.)

Doubt we'll see good games on the xb1 or ps4 going for a tenner a year after launch.

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