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Nintendo Profits Slump To Record Lows, 3DS Underperforms

Jonathan Lester
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New Console Confirmed For "Calendar 2012"

Nintendo Profits Slump To Record Lows, 3DS Underperforms

Despite launching the 3DS to rave preorder projections last month, Nintendo have recorded the lowest profits in over seven years throughout the last financial period. The 3DS has managed to fall short of its targets, and with a new launch window for their new console, the onus will be on the Big N to seriously increase their lucrative first party software output. Full details below [boring number overload warning].

According to the latest financial report (which you can read in full here), Nintendo's net income stands at 77 billion yen (£575 million), which is a 67% decrease over last year's figures and the lowest in over seven years. Total sales stand at just over a trillion yen (approximately £740,000,0000), which is a 29% slump. Ninty have forecasted even lower figures for the financial year ending March 2012, suggesting that they're preparing for the possibility of a lean 12 months.

The 3DS is partly to blame for these numbers, as the new handheld missed its global sales forecast by 0.4 million units. However, since it's managed to shift 3.4 million worldwide, we feel that the slow trickle of first party games and stagnating Wii sales have much more to do with it.

After officially announcing their new next-gen console for an E3 reveal, Nintendo have confirmed that it will be hitting in calendar 2012 (i.e. after April 2012), which would account for the low sales forecast for the next financial year. Naturally we'll keep you posted.

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K-Giant  Apr. 26, 2011 at 10:06

I think many people are waiting for 3DS-2 or better games.
3DS will be a raving success in the end, no doubt about it.

Steve  Apr. 26, 2011 at 10:39

I'm not surprised the 3DS has underperformed. In the month or so it has been available, I've not seen a single unit on demo. Whether this may be down to the 3D effects being negated if the unit is behind glass I dont know (are they?), but I certainly wouldn't drop around £200 on a unit that is 'meant to be' revolutionary, without seeing some evidence of this being the case.

Jerec  Apr. 26, 2011 at 11:15

I agree, I haven't seen one anywhere and as Steve said, would not pay that amount of money on faith alone.

I bought a 3DTV but that was only after I looked a a few units and films etc.

Bill  Apr. 26, 2011 at 11:56

Could the Nintendo 3DS be this generation's Nintendo Virtual Boy?


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