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Nintendo Stands Behind Console Gaming

Felix Kemp
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Nintendo Stands Behind Console Gaming

Fox News is at it again, prompting furious debate with their poor excuse at journalism and running incendiary headlines. "The end is near - for consoles anyway," according to a recent report, with Fox citing Mark Ormond, a relative nobody - sorry, Mark - who happens to play more games on his iPhone than on his Wii or Xbox 360. But Nintendo has moved to dismiss Fox's report and stand behind consoles, claiming "no other game device can match their impact".

But first, more on Fox's report. Ormond, their source for the report, explains "I actually think consoles are a thing of the past", before arguing that the cost of console gaming - forty odd quid for a new game, hundreds more for a new console - means that smartphone and browser-based titles with their low price and convenient availability mean the former is obviously due to die.

Not so, according to Nintendo. Marc Franklin, their director of PR, matched Fox's hyperbole with equivalent bravado. "Consoles display games on the biggest screen in the house," he retorts, presumably wielding a Wii-tipped spear. Furthermore Franklin explains, "No other game device can match their impact. No other type of gaming brings people together in the same way". It's on!

On a serious note, though, I'm chuffed to see Nintendo back up consoles. Sure, they've made a lot of money off the Wii; why wouldn't they? But the nature of their retort, not to mention the rampant rumours that the Japanese publisher is making a go of reclaiming its hardcore crowd with the soon-to-be-announced Project Cafe, fills me with hope that the future is bright for console gaming. What say you, Dealspwners? [Eurogamer]

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Peter  May. 17, 2011 at 16:33

I completely agree with Ninty. And having recently rediscovered the joys of local multiplayer battles with friends and family, I'd argue that as fun as the occasional jaunt on Angry Birds is, I can't exactly gloat on my success any more than anyone else, something you can do with a Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, FIFA, Halo, etc. Console gaming will evolve - it may well have to - but it certainly won't die.


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