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Nintendo TVii Announced Stateside

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo TVii Announced Stateside

While Satoru Shibata was busy revealing the likes of Bayonetta 2, Reggie Fils-Aime had a couple of nifty reveals of his own. The US Nintendo Direct presentation detailed a new Wii U feature that allows users to browse a number of television content providers on their TV or GamePad, and record their favourite shows. Impressively, it's a free service (excluding subscriptions to Netflix etc).

Surprise surprise, though, it hasn't been confirmed for Europe. If you want to torture yourself, hit the jump.

TVii will let US Wii U owners view traditional television shows and access Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Streaming. Social elements include the ability to see what your friends are watching and recommend shows, while multiple users in the same house can personalise their own experience. Programmes can be recorded to the hard drive.

The GamePad has been integrated fully into the experience; providing a context-sensitive remote control and the ability to watch different things on each screen simultaneously (for example, a TV show on the television and a trailer on the GamePad touchscreen if you happen to have a short attention span). Built-in links to IMDB and Wikipedia, plus user reviews, plan to offer a way to "engage" beyond just watching.

As mentioned, TVii has only been announced for the United States and Canada. Can we have nice free things too, please Ninty?

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