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Del Toro's Development, Ninty's Lost £495,000,000 and the Rise Of The PS3 - News Roundup 29th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Guillermo del Toro to Develop Several Games

Del Toro's Development, Ninty's Lost £495,000,000 and the Rise Of The PS3 - News Roundup 29th July 2010

Guillermo del Toro, director of the Hellboy series and spectacular cult classic Pan's Labyrinth, is about to get into gaming in a big way. According to press statements made to MTV, Toro will soon announce a "big deal with a big company"- which involves the director collaborating on several "games that are going to be technically and narratively very interesting."

Del Toro's epic creature and art design will lend themselves perfectly to a videogame... and if it has anything to do with the upcoming Lovecraft adaptation Mountains of Madness, we could be in for some seriously impressive survival horror outings. Or the most bizarre Kinect fitness games ever produced. To whet your appetite, why not try out  the freakishly bizarre Zeno Clash[MTV]

Ninty Sales Collapse: Wii Up, £495,000,000 Down

Del Toro's Development, Ninty's Lost £495,000,000 and the Rise Of The PS3 - News Roundup 29th July 2010

Nintendo has released its first quarter financials... and I'm afraid to say that things have taken an unprecedented turn for the worse since 2009. Whilst Wii hardware sales have increased by 36% since this time last year, their profits have all but vanished. Their net income for the quarter was minus 25.2 billion yen (minus £185 million), standing in stark contrast with last year's Q1 profit of 42.3 billion (£310 million). This equates to a decrease of 60.2%... and a difference of £495 million compared to the three months ending June last year.

This is Nintendo's lowest first-quarter operating profit in five years- and there's a fair few factors at play here. European and Stateside sales account for over four fifths of Nintendo's overall income- and the recession hit both the dollar and pound sterling incredibly hard. Rampant piracy (now hopefully curbed by the ban on R4 cards in the UK) also has a role in Nintendo's financial hammering. According to Reuters, Nintendo have yet to change their profit forecast for the entire year, hoping that the 3DS and a "next-gen Wii" will be able to shift a fair few units.

The only silver lining is the epic sales that Nintendo's classic franchises managed to attract. Super Mario Galaxy 2 netted over £4.09 million by itself- and it's likely that they'll need to step up their first party output. Bizarrely, they've delayed the European release of Kirby's Epic Yarn until 2011. [Reuters]

Continuing the theme of Japanese financial woe, Capcom has also announced a 90.4% profit crater year on year. It's clear that Japanese developers and publishers will need to innovate and adapt to survive... which arguably may not be a bad thing.

PS3 on the Rise, Snapping At Microsoft's Heels

Del Toro's Development, Ninty's Lost £495,000,000 and the Rise Of The PS3 - News Roundup 29th July 2010

Just to rub it in the faces of Nintendo and Capcom, Sony has announced a 118% rise in PS3 sales this quarter- and are closing the gap with worldwide Xbox 360 sales. Microsoft's console stands at 41.7 million global sales... with Sony nipping at their heels with 38.1 million.

Every year without fail, Sony execs and fans proudly announce that it's the "year of the PS3"... and never quite managed to make it happen. Now, however, it looks like their age of Aquarius is actually be starting to materialise.

Oh, and PSP sales slumped, much to the surprise of absolutely no-one at all. Sony's failure to secure consistent 3rd party software support and terrible advertising has crippled the handheld- which is a shame, considering its incredible hardware and potential. [via VG247]

You know you want to get involved in this one. Is this the year of the PS3? Will Sony's holiday and 2011  lineup seal the deal for the hardware giant? Have your say in the comments!

Shogun 2: Total War Trailered, Looks Awesome

Del Toro's Development, Ninty's Lost £495,000,000 and the Rise Of The PS3 - News Roundup 29th July 2010

Sega has released a new trailer for Shogun 2: Total War- and it's looking mighty fine indeed. Whilst it purports to be in-game footage, it actually appears to be taken from a CG cutscene,but you'll get the idea. Expect enormous battles, some tough tactical decisions and a little diplomacy to keep your enemies guessing.

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Dave  Jul. 29, 2010 at 18:36

"PS3 NOT Snapping At Microsoft’s Heels

Your VGchartz PS3 v 360 sales are wrong you have ADDED 2 million to the PS3 that don't exist

Xbox 360 worldwide sales = 41,293,892

PS3 worldwide sales = 36,052,705

Source = VGCHARTZ -


Scroll down to middle for hardware sales.....

Jonathan Lester  Jul. 29, 2010 at 19:22

I was using official sales figures (released by Sony as part of their Q1 financials) rather than VGChartz- though I agree that the PS3 still has some serious catching up to do. It'll be interesting to see whether their games lineup can make the difference.

The point may actually be completely moot, however- since Microsoft are likely to launch the next generation Xbox before the PS3 has time to catch up.

Rubisco  Jul. 29, 2010 at 19:50

Sony are still selling PS2s, which makes me think that the PS3 will definitely sell more in the long run. They will claim victory, but it's a pretty hollow victory at best.

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