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From Nolan North to Pixel Junk - News Roundup 16th January 2010

Marius Goubert

Today’s news roundup sees Nolan North telling acting colleagues to button it over claims they aren't paid enough for best sellers. Activison CEO Bobby Kotick confirms that DJ Hero 2 is on course for 2010. Lastly, PixelJunk creator Dylan Cuthbert talks about the one thing that really gets him down about the game’s industry.

Nolan North believes voice acting royalties 'unfair' to expect in gaming

From Nolan North to Pixel Junk - News Roundup 16th January 2010

Nolan North, most notable for his role was Uncharted's Nathan Drake and probably the biggest actor currently working in the games industry, rallied to the defence of game developers after fellow actors accused companies of providing ‘unfair royalties’. Grand Theft Auto IV's Michael Hollick condemned the industry for failing to give voice actors adequate compensation when one of their titles went on to sell millions of copies.

However North, who boasted that he never had a problem finding work due to the fact he’d worked on so many ‘big games’, rejected this view outright. ‘In all fairness, hundreds of people are working 12 hour days for several years to make a game, so it's unfair for me to expect residuals, given the amount of work I contribute’ Although there’s no doubt that North has a point, one can’t help but wonder how philosophical he’d be if the pay cheques stopped flooding in. [Joystiq]

Activision Confirm DJ Hero 2 for 2010

From Nolan North to Pixel Junk - News Roundup 16th January 2010

Activision’s DJ Hero might have been a bit of a flop with many consumers accusing the title of being - amongst other things - ridiculously over priced, but that is not to say that the company are giving up on the franchise. Although DJ David Guetta let slip during an interview with a Canadian magazine that a DJ Hero sequel was on the way, Activision has now confirmed that they intend to release DJ Hero 2 some time this year.

Speaking about the company’s decision to stick with the franchise, CEO Bobby Kotick told Game Informer ‘If you're going to make a commitment to doing something original, the odds are that you're not going to get it right on the first chance.’ But it still remains unclear whether a game about turntablism can ever capture the imagination of the mainstream in the same way as Guitar Hero. [Eurogamer]

PixelJunk creator disappointed by cheap gamers

From Nolan North to Pixel Junk - News Roundup 16th January 2010

Gamers should stop being so stingy and open up their wallets says Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert. Talking to Develop, Cuthbert described how disappointing it is when gamers complain about having to fork out a measly $10 for one of his videogames. ‘I'm not sure this is an industry problem, but it seems ridiculous that people complain about that price point." Athough it’s obviously got Cuthbert's goat, $10 dollars doesn't have that many gamers put off as PixelJunk Shooter was reportedly the second best-selling title on the PSN for December least year. [1up]

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