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Nosgoth Revealed: F2P Multiplayer Game Based On Legacy Of Kain

Jonathan Lester
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Nosgoth Revealed: F2P Multiplayer Game Based On Legacy Of Kain

The Legacy Of Kain universe has spawned a long-awaited new entry, though it might not be quite what you expect. Nosgoth promises a brutal team-based multiplayer experience, casting players as either humans or vampires with asymmetrical abilities.

It'll be free to play on PC, joining the burgeoning crowd of F2P titles clamouring for our attention. Announcement trailer and details after the break.

Square Enix revealed the new project today, which is under development at Psyonix. Nosgoth is based-around fast paced and brutal team battles between humans and vampires; the former using ranged weaponry while the latter specialise on nasty close-quarters mutilation.

"We’re focused on developing a balanced ranged vs. melee experience that’s straightforward for newcomers while providing plenty of depth for veterans to master," explained project lead Corey Davis. "We’re hoping that by enabling you to play for free, as many of you as possible will ultimately get to try out Nosgoth and come to enjoy this distinctive dynamic as much as we do."

You can register for the closed beta on the official site.

Features! You want them, we've got them.


  • HUMANS -- Arm yourself for the hunt with an arsenal of devastating ranged weaponry and specialized equipment.
  • VAMPIRES -- Unleash your inhuman force with savage close-combat melee attacks and supernatural abilities


  • Fight as Humans and Vampires in brutal team-based multiplayer battles.
  • Experience intense, fast-paced and savage melee vs. ranged gameplay.
  • Discover a previously unexplored era in the dark fantasy world of Legacy of Kain.
  • Play for free in a live game with continuous and frequent updates.

So once again, I do have to ask you... do we really need a team-based F2P game based on The Legacy Of Kain? We're massive fans of the F2P model when it's implemented properly, but there are already plenty of team-based multiplayer games on the market.

That said, we're more excited about Nosgoth than this sorry thing, and its asymmetrical gameplay could well be tremendously exciting. More as we hear it.

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