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NVIDIA: PS2 Games Headed To Android Devices

Jonathan Lester
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Playstation 2

NVIDIA: PS2 Games Headed To Android Devices

Playstation Suite is set to provide a digitial distribution platform for PSOne games on Android-enabled smartphones (including the oft-leaked Xperia Play), but NVIDIA have revealed that PS2 games are also in the pipeline. However, there'll be a few processing bridges to cross first.

NVIDIA revealed their plans for PS2 emulation on their Tegra Zone app, which is essentially an enormous advertising platform for games that take advantage of their Tegra 2 mobile processor. Whilst the bulk of the announcement deals with PSOne releases - which include Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2 and Syphon Filter - a small yet extremely important clause states that Playstation 2 games are eventually headed to Playstation Suite and will likely be supported by the next generation of Tegra chip.

Engadget reckon that the current Tegra-equipped devices simply don't have the graphical and performance grunt to deal with PS2 games, meaning that Sony will likely need to wait for quad core Tegra chips or even NVIDIA's Kal-El processor. We can expect more and more powerful Android devices to take advantage of both NVIDIA's tech and Sony's game library (including the rumoured Playstation Tablet), and we're looking forward to seeing if Playstation suite can deliver a viable alternative to the app store.

Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play was set to be the only mobile phone that offers Playstation emulation functionality and is due out later this month. We have yet to see whether the promise of Playstation Suite on other Android devices will affect the sales of their thumbstick-equipped handset - and we'll keep you posted. [Engadget]

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