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Nyko Announce "Zoom For Kinect"

Felix Kemp
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Nyko Announce "Zoom For Kinect"

In-between the big conferences and jaw-dropping reveals, a fair few smaller announcements are sure to slip through the cracks and be forever missed. But here at Dealspwn, we strive to bring you everything from this year's E3. So, when you've duly finished chomping on Halo 4, PS Vita and soon-to-be-unveiled Wii 2 news, check out what Nyko has to offer for Kinect owners with smaller living rooms.

Now, one of the primary concerns for potential Kinect customers is the size of the space you'll be playing in. Kinect's depth sensor demands a certain amount of room so it's depth-sensing camera can pick up your entire body and track its multifaceted movements. It's a bother for some of us with smaller rooms, and is one of the main reasons why I've yet to pick up the peripheral. In my room, I can barely fit in a bed!

However, Nyko are looking to offer a compromise to this problem, with a snap-on peripheral dubbed 'Zoom for Kinect'. Essentially, it's a lens you attach to the front of Kinect, magnifying its viewing distance to reduce the required space by up to 40%. It's unclear quite how it performs, or whether additional lenses impact on Kinect's performance. We'll see if we can get some grubby hands-on over at the show-floor. [Joystiq]

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