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Obscure Revealed For PC, PSN & XBLA

Jonathan Lester
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Obscure Revealed For PC, PSN & XBLA

Survival Horror Becomes Shlock Sidescroller

Obscure, the lesser-known survival horror franchise from Hydravision, will be receiving the modern reboot treatment courtesy of Mighty Rocket Studio. This homage to crappy teen horror films is apparently packed with "caustic humour," and plans to offer players plenty of old-school 2.5D brawling action instead of chilling exploration.

So, it's an entirely different game then. Details and trailer after the break.

Playable alone and in cooperative mode (local & online), Obscure casts us as one of four unlikely student heroes; each of whom boasts unique skills and abilities that develop throughout the adventure. Geared toward action and all-out brawling, Obscure's combat emphasises combo-driven combat set in the "huge, non-linear levels" of Leafmore High School. Stages will be replayable, which should allow us to grind if necessary.

According to the press release, Obscure "embraces its origins and incorporates many familiar elements of the survival-horror genre; sparse ammunition, limited supplies of health kits, and the oppressive feeling of constant danger," though there's little evidence of that in the trailer.

Obscure is slated for a "Spring 2013" release on PC, PSN and XBLA. We'll bring you more as we hear it.

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Breadster  Feb. 7, 2013 at 13:15

I quite liked Obscure despite it being cheesy and cheaply made. I suppose it was just another classic style survival horror to play, so this side scrolling brawler doesn't really have any of the same appeal. I think if they were gonna do something like this they should have made it like Hunter: The Reckoning.

JonLester  Feb. 7, 2013 at 14:22

It's certainly a bizarre way to reboot a franchise like this, I'm not sure why they didn't just create a new IP to be honest. The proof will be in the gameplay, I guess.

Oh, and Hunter The Reckoning has now been added to my Blast From The Past pile.

Breadster  Feb. 7, 2013 at 19:07

It was great for 4 player co-op, the differences between the characters was really well done imo. One thing that stands out in particular is how one character (I think he was called Judge) had a ranged weapon (the crossbow) which was pretty garbage against most enemies, but destroyed vampires (really powerful enemies that appeared later on in the game) in one shot. It didn't feel annoying in the early stages though because his melee attacks were great to make up for it.

I never got around to playing the second one properly, but it looked pretty much the same. I think it would be a perfect fit for XBLA and PSN and the like.


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