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How do I obtain Syakomon, Gesomon, Ebidramon, Mekanorimon, Vilemon, Roachmon, Gorillamon, Gatomon, Mammothmon, Minotarumon, LadyDevimon, Angewomon, SaberLeomon, and Magnadramon; AND does anyone have a picture of Ohakadamon?

Digicrazed |  Feb. 23, 2014 at 16:34

I have not been able to find much information on how to get these new Digimon apart from Jogress two Champions to form a New Digiegg that hatches into an Ultimate but the details are unknown apparently (abbreviated from Wikimon). I know that some Digimon like Syakomon, Ebidramon, Mekanorimon, SaberLeomon, Magnadramon, etc. are treated as Ultimates originally before Pendulum changed the levels by adding Mega. However, on TV Tropes, I found that it said that Airdramon Digivolves to Magnadramon, and I think it also is saying that Angemon Digivolves to Angewomon and Gatomon Digivolves to SaberLeomon. From this I could draw a conclusion that Devimon may Digivolve to LadyDevimon. I don't know what the Digivolution requirements are for these Digimon though, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can shed light on this mystery (well, it's a mystery to me anyway). I am assuming that the rest of the Digimon in the game that I haven't asked for are in the same manner as the first four versions of Digital Monster Tamagotchi. Also, I have read on the Digital Monster Almanac that Ohakadamon (who appears when a Digimon dies in the original Tamagotchi and this game) looks like a totem pole in this game, which is different from previous incarnations but I have yet to find an actual picture of this version. Once again, I would very much appreciate it if someone knows where I can find an image of this Digimon apart from actually having to search for and buy this game and the Sega Saturn with it. Yes, I'm using dub names. :P

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