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Oculus Rift CEO Hopes For PS4 & Xbox Compatibility

Jonathan Lester
Oculus Rift, PS4, VR headsets, Xbox One

Oculus Rift CEO Hopes For PS4 & Xbox Compatibility

Or First-Party VR Headsets At Least

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe would love to see his 3D virtual reality headset supported on Xbox One and PS4, or console manufacturers exploring the VR space in a meaningful way over the next generation.

"We love consoles," Iribe told OXM. "We play them a lot. There's no reason it can't technically work, it's just getting everybody involved. Right now we're focussed on the PC platform and Android."

"We just want this to work, ourselves. We want to put on a headset and for it to be awesome. We're going to try our best to make the very best experience, the very best VR device. We'd like to see it eventually become compatible with consoles, but right now we're mostly focussed on the PC side - we'd love them to come up with something."

It's hardly surprising that Oculus Rift's head honcho wants to see the peripheral tapping into a larger target audience, but failing console compatibility, Iribe reckons that Microsoft and Sony could benefit from getting more involved in virtual reality. "We love what both the console guys are doing," he reiterated. I hope one or both of the console guys make VR headsets, or something similar, like an AR headset."

"The more that they push into this space, even if it's a different device, or their own device, a different experience, the more that they're throwing into AR and VR, the better it is for everybody."

Are you excited about virtual reality and the Oculus Rift? We reckon that it would be an interesting companion for Kinect and the PlayStation Move ourselves.

Matt tried out the Oculus Rift last year, and had his mind blown. Like, totally rebooted.

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