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Oculus Rift Dev Kits Pushed Back To March 2013

Matt Gardner
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Oculus Rift Dev Kits Pushed Back To March 2013

Oh man, the Rift. Even its name sounds badass! When visiting Born Ready Games (who'll be incorporating Rift functionality into Strike Suit Zero) earlier this week I almost cried when I was told that they hadn't received a dev kit, so eager was I to step back into Oculus' fantastic 3D VR experience.

Now  we know why: the shipping window for the dev kits has been delayed until March next year.

"When we launched our Kickstarter campaign in August, we hoped to sell a few hundred kits to game developers and virtual reality enthusiasts around the world," explained Oculus' founder, Palmer Luckey, over on their Kickstarter page. "Instead, we were blown away by the overwhelming response from a community of almost 10,000 backers, who raised nearly $2.5 million dollars to help us develop the Oculus Rift.

"Designing, sourcing, and manufacturing thousands of developer kits is no small feat. Since our Kickstarter, we’ve been up against the wall, working around the clock to produce and distribute over 7,500 units in just 4 short, crazy months. We’ve had to modify our original design for mass-manufacturing and, at the same time, balance additional features with our tight schedule.

"We wanted to have the developer kits to all our backers before the holidays; but more than that, we want to ship the best Oculus Rift developer kit possible. In order to accommodate the required changes, new features, and manufacturing duration, we had to shift our ship date.

"We’re happy to be able to finally announce that the Oculus Rift developer kits will begin shipping in March 2013."

There's heaps more information on how the model is coming along, with a bunch of technical information, and an awesome graph. Luckey also noted that a number of features have been pushed back to the consumer version of the Rift, in order to get dev kits out to creatives as swiftly as possible.

Check out our Oculus Rift hands-on preview, and our interview with Luckey and Oculus' Nate Mitchell from Gamescom.

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