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Oddworld Creator: Microsoft Should Hold A "Big Mass Firing" Of Xbox One Marketers

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, Lorne Lanning, Oddworld, Xbox One

Oddworld Creator: Microsoft Should Hold A "Big Mass Firing" Of Xbox One Marketers

Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning believes that Microsoft's lack of indie support should probably lead to a mass firing in the Xbox One's campaign team.

"Quite frankly, out of Washington, we see a pretty good understanding of who makes really expensive great games, but beyond that there’s not really any insight into how people get there from nothing," Lanning told VG247 during a conversation about Microsoft's complete silence on indie self-publishing and independent development support.

“It’s a bit puzzling. It’s clear they’re not listening. I’m not sure who they’re listening to. Whoever their PR people are, whoever their marketing agents are, they should fire them all. That’s where they should start. There should be a big, mass firing and they should publicise that. Then they’d get people saying, ‘Hey, maybe there’s going to be a good change.’ But if they keep the rhetoric flowing, obviously everyone’s looking at it saying, ‘This isn’t real.’ How are they going to keep what they’ve got today? That’s a big question.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lanning suggests that Microsoft is currently ignoring smaller studios. "It’s as if we don’t matter," he said, which is bizarre since Munch's Oddysee was an original Xbox exclusive.

At the risk of sounding somewhat contrarian, Xbox One's reveal campaign has been confused and rather weak thus far. Perhaps some fresh blood is required on the run-up to launch, or at least a fresh perspective.

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googleberry  Jul. 20, 2013 at 19:27

Harsh words.

But are Sony really saints in this particular round of the next gen war (as everyone seems to be making out)?

Devil's advocate perspective:

Sony as a whole is really struggling with what seems to be years of successive losses. They have to make their gaming business very profitable this generation. It may even be existential for the firm as a whole to win this round. Call me cynical but I feel Sony's current consumer-friendliness, demonstrated by their aggressive counter-punching strategy on price, DRM, and its fantastic indie support vs. MS is more because they can't afford to lose the next-gen war.

My (circumstantial) evidence? The very cocky initial price point for the PS3 Sony put out, the higher price in general for PS games throughout this gens life-cycle vs. 360, and the very high price for Sony peripherals. This arrogant approach meant the market share they should have had early after launch was slow in coming and thus PS3 just failed vs. expectations. Same arguments apply to the Vita.

Sony's intentions aren't as pure as all that. They are just more desperate. I can see Ninty folding in a similar way, with price cuts, more consumer friendliness and more indie support because of economic pressure.

MS, Sony, Ninty are all accountable to shareholders, and that in the end trumps all.

Last edited by googleberry, Jul. 20, 2013 at 19:29

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