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Oddworld Creator Wants To "Turn YouTube and Facebook Into One Game"

Jonathan Lester
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Oddworld Creator Wants To "Turn YouTube and Facebook Into One Game"

Lorne Lanning is the legendary developer behind the Oddworld series, but after the release of Stranger's Wrath on the original Xbox, we simply haven't heard much out of him. Many believed that he'd left the development scene behind after delegating the Oddworld Universe to Just Add Water, but in a new interview, the respected dev states that he's "absolutely" planning to work on a new imaginative title with social and casual elements. Full details below.

When asked whether he'd ever release another game by Eurogamer, Lorne Lanning replied that he already has one in the brainstorming and planning stages - and that it's set to be a casual title that blends multiple social networks into a single experience. A bit like Hootsuite, we assume, but with a highscore table.

We're looking at this all the time.

They way I'm looking now is, how do I turn YouTube and Facebook into one game? That's the game-ified thing I'm focused on right now. If we figure that out, and I think we have, then it's a game changer.

Lanning certainly wouldn't be the first developer to make the jump from triple-A to casual games, what with John Romero's recent announcement of Cloudforest Expedition. You'd be forgiven for releasing a sigh of exasperation, but worry not, because this new project would be a kickstarter that would allow Lanning and the team to return to developing the next Oddworld title.

If we're successful with that, which is the intent, then we'll have the money to finance and go back to the Oddworld we all know and love.

God yes. We'll keep an eye on the situation - and keep you updated by the wire.

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