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Official Sony Blu-ray Remote Control £14.79 @ SimplyGames [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Games accessories, PS3

Official Sony Blu-ray Remote Control £14.79 @ SimplyGames [PS3 Games]If you’re sick of having to lift up your PS3 controller every time you want to programme a blu-ray movie, then why not get one of these official Sony Blu- Ray remotes. For just £14.79 you’ll never again have to waste precious calories scooping up one of those heavy controllers, and you’ll have plenty of energy left over for those intense finger bashing sessions – and for playing computer games.

The good thing about this remote is that it’s official, which means it wasn’t manufactured in some Russian’s garage out of melted down coat hangers. It also lets you pretend that you’re not actually watching your blu- ray films on a games console, which for some people has a real stigma attached to it.

Another supposedly good point is that the remote will open up the blu- ray potential of your PS3 console to all sorts of people who would never normally go near it. These include such persons as parents, girlfriends and wives, who – normally petrified by the enigmatic Playstation controller – should breath a sigh of relief thanks to the clearly annotated buttons of the blu- ray remote.

This leads to its most beneficial aspect. Using the SIAXIS is a massive pain for two reasons. Firstly, when your controller slides off the arm of the chair or you knock it with your foot, it sends the DVD mental. Secondly, when you need to leave the room and want to hit pause, you always end up pressing the wrong button. Last but not least is the fact it’s a Bluetooth remote which means line of sight no longer matters. Whatever angle you have the remote; the console will pick up its signal.

So for an all round better media experience from your PS3, you might want to pick one of these up.

Thanks to ScRiVs from Hotukdeals

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