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Official StarCraft II Mods Ready To Download

Jonathan Lester
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Official StarCraft II Mods Ready To Download

Getting tired of StarCraft II already? Need a little spice and variety in your online experience? Well, you'll be glad to know that three official mods are now ready to download, which all pay homage to other games and even TV shows.

Fancy turning Starcraft II into an epic game of Bejeweled or Left 4 Dead?

After entering beta earlier this year, Blizzard have announced that three of their four official modifications are now ready to download. Just hit up the maps and mods page or download them from within the game itself.

Here's what the three mods are all about:

  • Aiur Chef: This one's an homage to (and a pun of) American cookery challenge Iron Chef. The aim of the game is to run around the maps collecting and returning ingredients for outlandish meals while your opponent attempts to stop you and do the same.
  • Left 2 Die: No prizes for guessing what cooperative zombie franchise inspired the name of this mod. Left 2 Die is essentially a cooperative version of Starcraft II's Outbreak mission; pitting players against massed hordes of undead.
  • StarJeweled: That's right, folks, Starjeweled transforms StarCraft into a massive game of Bejeweled. You'll attack your opponent by matching rows of gems... and if it's anywhere near as addictive as its source material, we might be in trouble.

All three mods have been rigorously checked for bugs - and provide new official achievements and avatars to sweeten the deal. Put simply, you might as well check them out.

Note that a fourth mod, based on Defence Of The Ancients, is still in pipeline and slated to hit this year. [Battle.net]

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