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Official Wii Nunchuk £9.94 @ Amazon [Wii]

Matt Gardner
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Official Wii Nunchuk £9.94 @ Amazon [Wii]

Nintendo were pretty cunning when it came to the Wii really. Sure it seems cheaper (although check out the earlier deal on the Xbox 360 Arcade for an alternative perspective), but you end up having to buy so many bits and pieces for it. One of the genius strokes, of course, was developing a controller that had multiple attachments, one of which (the nunchuk) was virtually essential for over 90% of the console's titles. Well played, Ninty, well played indeed.

Thankfully, someone at Amazon has decided that this is a bit unfair, and has decided to drop the price on the Nunchuk attachment - yet another piece of hardware perfectly capable of ruining a good TV screen if placed in slippery hands - to £9.94, saving potential buyers around £3 on the nearest competitor over at ShopTo.

The Nunchuk has the same accelerometer technology inside a=it as in the Wiimote, but it also happens to hold an analogue thumbstick, a bumper and a trigger. You won't need to worry about separate power, as the Nunchuk simply plugs straight into the base of the Wiimote. It comes in especially handy for most FPS games, boxing sims and anything where you have to move around really. So pretty much all games apart from Racing sims and Wario Ware.

Thanks to Ski at HUKD

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