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Official Xbox 360 Wired Controller £14.99 @ Play

Tom Silkstone
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Official Xbox 360 Wired Controller £14.99 @ Play

Whether you're looking to replace a broken controller having destroyed your previous one in a fit of anger during a particularly frustrating boss battle (I speak from experience here), or preparing to embark on a weekend of multiplayer madness with a group of friends, this is the deal for you.

You can grab an additional wired controller from Play for the remarkable price of £14.99, which is about £10 cheaper than places like Game and HMV, bumped up as stock is rare these days, which  also explains why you're looking at a week long wait for this one.

Ok, Ok, I know what you're going to say, 'Why should I bother buying a wired controller, when I can get a wireless one?'. Well, the wired controller cuts down the cost of forking out for additional accessories such as the play and charge kit. Also, it can be plugged into a PC via USB allowing for a greatly improved interface between computer and gamer, which I happen to find a big plus as you don't have to constantly pause games to check the controls or damage your hands from over stretching to reach a seemingly impossible area of the keyboard during a crucial battle.

In my opinion what you're getting here is the same fantastically designed controller, which let's face it is definitely the most comfortable and durable of this generation's consoles, with hardly any limitations when compared to the wireless controller and for the low price of £14.99 the appeal of the wired controller is rising to rival the wireless controller and its array of accessories.

Thanks to abel_8 @ HUKD

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elainehamilton  May. 3, 2014 at 22:33

Hi, are these controllers new, how much is the postage to fk2 9nj please & thanks


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