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Official Xbox 360 Wireless N Network Adapter £37.98 @ GAME

Matt Gardner
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Official Xbox 360 Wireless N Network Adapter £37.98 @ GAME

Don't worry if you weren't able to nip over to Sainsbury's in the last fortnight and ferret out one of these for just under £35 as GAME are selling them for £37.98 which might well actually  save you money on the petrol/bus fare you'd have spent getting to Sainsbury's in the first place. In any case, it's the cheapest online price for this piece of kit, with the nearest competitor roughly £2 away over at Amazon (£39.91).

Skipping past the obvious rant about how even mobile phones have built in WLAN capabilities these days and moaning about Microsoft's flagrantly unattractive opportunism, the bottom line is that if you want to get yourself online via Xbox LIVE these days, you're likely to need one of these, or it's mini white counterpart.

I'll be honest, I still use the old white wireless G dongle because if you already have access to the net, be it via this hardware predecessor or network cabling, there's very little point switching over to this for now unless you have a powerful enough internet connection that regularly and reliably exceeds speeds of 2Mb and a wireless N router that's actually being made to work.

That said, this adapter does have a noticeably more powerful range, it's not by a huge degree but it can make the difference between a reliable connection and one that's more temperamental than a dragon after a vindaloo if your console is out towards the edge of your router's range.

It's a good price for this piece of kit, and I'd recommend it for those of you either without a wireless dongle at the moment or if you're experiencing issues with your current hardware, but don't expect miracles. The very fact that it's even necessary is unsulting enough.

Thanks to Fatal Error at HUKD

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Chesh  Apr. 12, 2010 at 12:29

If you have the old white dongley doogley, then I advise some strategically aimed tinfoil around the aerial in a 'satellite' dish styleee aimed in the direction of your router/wiffy access port.

It works, it ups the signal reception, increases the bars and costs no more than a slightly more exposed chicken on a Sunday afternoon. And NO. I did not copy this off the Gadget Show, as I had the idea first about 12 months ago ;)


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