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From An Okami Sequel To PSP Chinatown Wars: News Roundup August 26th

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Mass Effect

Okami may yet get a sequel if a recently trademarked name by Capcom is anything to go by in today’s news.  Other news looks at Bayonetta introducing a “Very Easy Automatic” mode that allows the game to be played with one finger, Mass Effect receiving the Pinnacle Station DLC, and the PSP version of GTA: Chinatown Wars seeing a release date.

Okamiden The Sequel To Okami?

From An Okami Sequel To PSP Chinatown Wars: News Roundup August 26th

Clover studios may not be around anymore, but rumours of an Okami sequel have been circulating due to a recently filed trademark.  The name “Okamiden” is the trademark in question coming from Okami publisher Capcom.  Speculation suggests this may a shortened version of “Okami Gaiden” or “Okami Densetsu”.

These ideas are further backed up by the Japanese habit of shortening words (Pokémon for example).  Okami may not have sold enough to warrant a sequel, and when the game was ported to the Nintendo Wii sales weren't as high as they would like.  Still Okami was a highly critically acclaimed game, deserving of a sequel and more recognition, so hopefully Capcom can confirm these rumours soon.  [Siliconera]

Bayonetta Can Be Played With One Button

From An Okami Sequel To PSP Chinatown Wars: News Roundup August 26th

Bayonetta decides to make life easier on gamers, introducing a “Very Easy Automatic” mode that basically plays the game for you.  Director Hideki Kamiya refers to it as “Mommy Mode” when he recently showed off the mode on the official website.  “Yep. This is the power of Automatic. Automatic can be used on Easy and Very Easy difficulties, and leaves the most complex controls up to the CPU” said Kamiya.

Apparently to play the game only a single button has to be pressed, the punch button.  The game will put your character in the perfect position to attack, while unleashing combos.  Pushing the punch button will allow you to dodge.  Kamiya considers automatic mode to be “a helping hand from an incredibly skilled expert in the game.”  Bayonetta should be out in January.  [1UP]

Mass Effect Downloadable Content Available

From An Okami Sequel To PSP Chinatown Wars: News Roundup August 26th

When the Switzerland official Xbox 360 website revealed the new Mass Effect downloadable content “Pinnacle Station” before anyone else, it was seen as a bit of a premature move.  Well, it turns out they weren’t so hasty after all.  Pinnacle Station is now available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Offering two or three hours of gameplay, the DLC is available for 400 Microsoft points as expected, letting you play 13 different battle scenarios.

PSP GTA: Chinatown Wars Dated For October 20th

From An Okami Sequel To PSP Chinatown Wars: News Roundup August 26th

The PSP port of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will see release on October 20th according to RockStar Games’ official Twitter feed.  Whether or not this release date applies to just America or Europe as well, is unconfirmed.  The GTA that was originally only available on the DS will be available as a UMD for the original PSP and a digital download for the PSP GO, that couldn’t even take a UMD if it wanted to.

Chinatown wars received great reviews, but didn’t manage to sell as well as expected.  The GTA games on the PSP have seen great success, so the idea of a port makes sense.  The confusing part is how the touch screen controls and inferior DS graphics will translate to the PSP, but hopefully Rockstar will have answers soon.  [GameSpot]

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Nice, a game that plays itself, I can leave it playing whilst I go do something more interesting, fulfilling and worthwhile.

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