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Old Snake to Old Sam? News Roundup 18th June

Bob Carter
Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear Solid, News, Splinter Cell, Steam

Today in our news roundup, we hear about how old is Sam in the future Splinter Cell Conviction. We find out if there is a new Metal Gear Solid movie on the way. Finally, is Bethesda Steaming ahead?

Sam is in his 50s?

Old Snake to Old Sam? News Roundup 18th June

According to one of the game developers, Sam Fisher is "pretty old" in the new Splinter Cell game. This might go as far to say that Mr Fisher in indeed in his "50s," as the trailers from E3 demonstrate.

However, this brings about many questions - will Sam Fisher be too old for any future games? Will this be the last game for Sam Fisher as they follow a similar direction as Metal Gear Solid 4 with Old Snake? [VG247]

New Metal Gear Solid Movie Confirmed?

Old Snake to Old Sam? News Roundup 18th June

Is this the new Metal Gear Solid Movie Poster (click image above for preview)?

According to reports the leaked picture confirms that the new Metal Gear Solid Movie is coming out in July 2011. It will star Christian Bale (Batman and John Connor) and Daniel Craig (Bond, James Bond).

Could they add Solid Snake and Liquid Snake to their list of action stars they have played? [Screenrant]

Bethesda Brings Classics to Steam

Old Snake to Old Sam? News Roundup 18th June

Finally, Steam has added the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowind, Yeah!) and Call of Cthullu to their Bethesda Catalogue.

For the bargain price of £17.53 you can have the ultimate The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition Deluxe, which includes the 9 downloadable packs that were released for the game. It also includes Morrowind Game of the Year edition - meaning you won’t have to buy another game until Christmas 2010 with the amount of content included! However, get in soon as this deal ends on 19th September 2009. [Steam]

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