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OlliOlli's Nintendo cross-buy is giving away multiple 3DS versions for free - report

Jonathan Lester
3DS Games, OlliOlli, Wii U games

OlliOlli's Nintendo cross-buy is giving away multiple 3DS versions for free - report

Nintendo have finally embraced the idea of 'cross buy' over the last few months, allowing us to pay once to get a game on both Wii U and 3DS. After SQUIDS Odyssey and Shovel Knight blazed the trail, Curve Studios' OlliOlli released as the first proper cross-buy title last month, and long may it continue.

However, it appears that Nintendo's foray into cross-buy might be more generous than they first intended, since instead of one 3DS copy, you can currently get what appears to be an infinite number of them.

Nintendo Life reports that once you buy the Wii U version, you can download the 3DS version onto any 3DS console registered to your Nintendo Network ID. However, due to the odd way in which purchases are bound to both accounts and consoles, you can also register a number of NNID accounts on your Wii U and then get OlliOlli on any 3DS registered to any of those accounts.

Say, for example, your friends' NNIDs.

Here are the steps:

1) Register several NNID accounts on your Wii U console.

2) Buy OlliOlli on the Wii U when logged into one of the NNIDs.

3) You can now download OlliOlli for free on any 3DS using one of the NNIDs which you registered on your Wii U.

Glitch or generosity? Loophole or loveliness? Exploit or essential? The jury's out, but we wouldn't be too surprised to see some sort of hotfix soon.

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