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No Online Pass For Fuse, Insomniac "Vibe" Still Present

Matt Gardner
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No Online Pass For Fuse, Insomniac "Vibe" Still Present

Insomniac Games has thrown up a quick Q and A on their website dealing with a few hot topics surrounding their upcoming FPS Fuse, answering questions regarding co-op play, different game modes, the game's shift in tone from the original Overstrike reveal, and whether or not it'll require an online pass.

It's a bit of a shame that an EA-affiliated game not shipping with an online pass is actually news, such are the times in which we live. However, the good news is that Insomniac won't be ramming one down our throats, although the studio still hopes that folk buy the game new:

"Nope [there's no online pass]. But, you should still buy it new to support us because there are no microtransactions to make up for it, though.  :D"

Elsewhere in the Q and A, the developers reveal that they've endeavoured to make the "AI bots helpful, but not kill stealing jerks" when gunning through the game in singleplayer; that the game still has a sense of humour in spite of the tonal shift: "It’s not as slap-sticky as before, in favor of dryer, more sophisticated humor, but the Insomniac vibe is still present"; and that there "will be a public demo on both the 360 and PS3 closer to release".

Read our Fuse preview from last year here.

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